Cover for Tomato Planter - "CityJungle"

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  • Suitably for
  • City Jungle with Trellis (JGL-T)
  • City Jungle "Heidelberg" (JGL-HDB-L)
  • City Jungle Trellis (JGL-TR)
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Introducing the Cover for Tomato Planter - "CityJungle"

Enhance Your Gardening Experience

Protect Your Precious Plants

Give your tomatoes and other beloved vegetables the protection they deserve with the Cover for Tomato Planter - "CityJungle." Designed to perfectly complement the CityJungle trellis, this cover is your secret weapon for ensuring healthy and bountiful harvests.

Extend the Growing Season

Say goodbye to worrying about cooler nights during the growing phase. With the CityJungle cover, you'll gain a valuable growth advantage in spring and enjoy extended harvest times in the autumn. Keep your plants cozy and thriving, no matter the weather.

Convenient Design for Any Day

Our tomato planter cover features a user-friendly design that makes gardening a breeze. On warm days or when you're busy tending to your plants, simply open the front using the two reliable zippers. You can also fasten it rolled up at the top for easy access. It's all about flexibility and convenience.

Space-Saving Solution

In the heat of midsummer, you won't need the cover, and that's where the CityJungle cover truly shines. Quickly remove it and stow it away to save space. We understand the value of efficient gardening, and this cover is here to make your life easier.

Upgrade your gardening game with the Cover for Tomato Planter - "CityJungle." Protect your plants, extend your growing season, and enjoy the convenience of a thoughtfully designed cover. Don't let unpredictable weather limit your harvest potential. Invest in the CityJungle cover and watch your garden flourish.

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