Energy Saving Tube for Electric Greenhouse Heater "Phoenix" and "Arizona"

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  • Extra strong 90g/m² Greenhouse Film
  • Tear-proof & ultrasonically welded eyelets
  • Minimum energy input Maximum effectiveness
  • Including fasteners
  • L 300 cm x ø 22 cm
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Introducing the Energy Saving Tube for Electric Greenhouse Heater "Phoenix" and "Arizona"

Optimal Heat Distribution Our Energy Saving Tube for Electric Greenhouse Heater is designed to revolutionize the way you maintain the perfect climate in your greenhouse. At a generous length of 118.11 inches, this innovative tube ensures that warmth is distributed optimally and evenly throughout your greenhouse space. Say goodbye to cold corners and uneven temperature zones.

Efficient Condensation Control Not only does our energy-saving tube provide exceptional heat distribution, but it also serves as a smart solution for condensation control. Easily attach it to your greenhouse heating system and hang it inside, or lay it along the greenhouse wall to keep condensation at bay. By preventing excess moisture, you'll not only maintain a comfortable environment for your plants but also discourage the formation of algae.

Year-Round Benefits The benefits of our Energy Saving Tube extend beyond the colder months. During the summer season, pair it with the fan of the Phoenix greenhouse heater to achieve effective ventilation. This versatile accessory is designed to keep your greenhouse climate under control year-round, ensuring your plants thrive in the ideal conditions.

Upgrade your greenhouse heating system with our Energy Saving Tube and experience the perfect blend of energy efficiency and climate control. Invest in your greenhouse's future today with this essential addition for the "Phoenix" and "Arizona" electric greenhouse heaters.

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