Gas Greenhouse Heater 2500 W - "Frosty"

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  • Greenhouse heater that runs on gas
  • Effective energy utilization
  • Frost protection
  • Stainless steel case
  • No power connection needed
  • With automatic switch-off
  • Including pressure reducer
  • Thermostat control range 0 - 25 ° C (32 - 77 ° F)
  • Optimum... Read more
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Introducing the Gas Greenhouse Heater 2500 W - "Frosty"

Stay ahead of the frost and ensure your precious plants thrive year-round with the Gas Greenhouse Heater 2500 W - "Frosty." Designed by Bio Green, this innovative greenhouse heating solution is your ticket to a flourishing garden, no matter the season.

Reliable Gas Greenhouse Heating

With "Frosty," you can count on efficient and safe gas heating for your greenhouse. This 2500-watt powerhouse delivers reliable warmth to nurture your plants in any weather. Whether it's icy winter nights or chilly autumn days, "Frosty" has got you covered.

Precision Temperature Control

Take full control of your greenhouse environment with the thermostatically controlled "Frosty 2500." Set your desired temperature between 0 - 25 °C (32 - 77 °F) and watch as your plants flourish in their ideal climate. Say goodbye to temperature-related stress for your green companions.

Safety First

Safety is paramount, and "Frosty" takes it seriously. This gas heater comes equipped with automatic switch-off and low-oxygen protection, ensuring your peace of mind while it works tirelessly to maintain the perfect greenhouse atmosphere.

Even Heat Distribution

"Frosty 2500" features a radiation grid that guarantees optimal heat distribution throughout your greenhouse. No corner will be left cold, and your plants will bask in the warmth they need to grow strong and healthy.

CO² Enrichment for Plants

Your plants need CO², and "Frosty" understands that. As it warms your greenhouse, it simultaneously enriches the air with the carbon dioxide essential for your plant's growth, ensuring they thrive and flourish.

Flexible Mounting Options

Whether you prefer wall mounting for space efficiency or floor mounting for ease of access, "Frosty 2500" accommodates your needs. It's designed with versatility in mind, ensuring a seamless fit into your greenhouse setup.

Elevate your greenhouse game with the Gas Greenhouse Heater 2500 W - "Frosty" by Bio Green. Say goodbye to weather-related plant stress and hello to a flourishing, year-round garden. With efficient gas heating, precise temperature control, safety features, and even CO² enrichment, "Frosty" is your trusted partner in greenhouse success. Don't wait for the frost – invest in "Frosty" today and watch your garden thrive.

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