Tomato Planter With Treillis - "CityJungle"

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  • Convenient, easy way to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs
  • Easy to assemble-Flatpack
  • 34 litre soil capacity
  • Self watering system - 17 Litres water reservoir
  • Optional cover and stand
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Introducing the Tomato Planter With Treillis - "CityJungle"

Elevate Your Gardening Experience with CityJungle Are you a gardening enthusiast with limited space? The Tomato Planter With Treillis - "CityJungle" is your solution for turning any small balcony or terrace into a thriving garden oasis. Our innovative CityJungle planter has been meticulously designed to create the perfect environment for optimal plant growth. Whether you have a passion for cultivating vegetables, blooming flowers, or fragrant herbs, CityJungle is your partner in greenery.

Space-Efficient Gardening at Its Best CityJungle is your ticket to abundant harvests in a compact space. With a generous 8.98-gallon soil capacity, you can grow a diverse assortment of vegetables, herbs, and plants on just 1/4 square meter. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to a bountiful garden that fits seamlessly on your patio, terrace, yard, or even rooftop. CityJungle is the ultimate solution for space-efficient gardening.

Trellis for Thriving Tomatoes and Vines Tomatoes and vine plants need sturdy support to thrive, and CityJungle has you covered. Our Tomato Planter With Treillis comes equipped with a built-in trellis designed to promote healthy growth and abundant yields. Say goodbye to cumbersome stakes and tangled vines – CityJungle provides the perfect structure for your tomatoes and vines to flourish.

Effortless Watering with Built-in Reservoir We understand that busy urban gardeners need a low-maintenance solution. CityJungle features a built-in reservoir, making watering a breeze. Say goodbye to constant monitoring and enjoy consistent moisture levels for your plants. Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your thriving garden.

Elevate your gardening experience with the Tomato Planter With Treillis - "CityJungle." Transform your small outdoor space into a lush, productive garden. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to an abundance of home-grown produce. Order your CityJungle planter today and experience the joy of gardening without limits.

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