Electric Greenhouse Heater 2.000 W - "Tropic"

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  • Including 3-pin UK plug
  • Two power levels 1.000 / 2.000 W
  • Optimal for greenhouses up to 12 m²
  • Frost monitor function
  • IP X4
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Introducing the "Tropic" Electric Greenhouse Heater 2.000 W

Efficient Greenhouse Heating

When it comes to keeping your greenhouse at the perfect temperature, the "Tropic" Electric Greenhouse Heater is your ideal solution. This 2,000W powerhouse is designed to provide efficient and reliable heating, ensuring your plants thrive in any weather. Say goodbye to frosty nights and chilly days in your greenhouse.

Powerful and Safe

With its robust construction and powerful heating capacity, the "Tropic" heater ensures even heat distribution, preventing cold spots in your greenhouse. Its stainless steel build is not only durable but also resistant to moisture, making it splash-proof rated to IP X4. This means you can rely on it to withstand the greenhouse environment while keeping your plants cozy.

Versatile and Reliable

The "Tropic" Electric Greenhouse Heater is not limited to just greenhouse use. It's also a dependable choice for damp spaces like garages, basements, storage rooms, outbuildings, and workshops. Need emergency heating during unexpected cold snaps? This heater has got you covered. Its adaptability and reliability make it a valuable addition to any space.

Timeless Design

The "Tropic" heater not only excels in functionality but also boasts a timeless design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Its sleek and compact design won't disrupt the aesthetics of your greenhouse or other spaces. Plus, it's easy to install and use, so you can start enjoying its benefits right away.

Ensure your plants thrive in the perfect climate with the "Tropic" Electric Greenhouse Heater 2.000 W. Don't let temperature fluctuations hinder your gardening success—keep your greenhouse warm and cozy year-round with this exceptional heater.

Tropic Electric Greenhouse Heater

Upgrade your greenhouse's heating system today with the "Tropic" Electric Greenhouse Heater!

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